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One moment at a time ~

Who are we in the very center of our existence?  

What exactly, makes me – me or you -- you??  

Such complex concepts do not bring about answers overnight.  

Many years went by when no aspect of my well-being had been prioritized.



Chronic pain led me to the path of holism~ mind, body + soul because we are all of the above & every part deserves recognition.  

The disconnect throughout ourselves & the world became undeniable hence why/how Peace&Love was conceived.  

Each of us longs for an opportunity to be seen, heard, loved + valued though we  often live in a parasympathetic state, existing rather than living.

My pursuit to achieve Wholeness came out of necessity – fed up with dead ends, it resonated that healing is a very personal experience & figuring out how to live MY best life, was up to ME.

Over time, I began witnessing real changes replacing inner turmoil + I could also see those around me being affected by inner work so the decision was made to give back.  

Keepin’ Our Heads Up or K.O.H.U; is an online, phone conference line + in-person Network of Support for those enduring health ailments & who may be otherwise lost or hurting. 

Pain does not solely just include nor is limited to that of physicality- what one endures is not always able to be seen.

The process of transformation is difficult, uncomfortable + requires everything we've got & considering we’ll be spending the rest of our lives with ourselves, you are worth prioritizing.

Today is one day or day one.

This is an opportunity to inch closer toward the person deep down that we are meant to be.

Each function of the universe is interconnected ~ it is imperative we approach ourselves & one another as such.

Only after making Peace with where we've been, is there room for Love to help navigate where we go from here,

Turning Our Pain Into the very Power that fuels us.

We're grateful you’ve found your way here & do believe our paths have crossed for a reason so we'd be honored to discover the possibilities, together!






Mimi Mays,

A Ph.D. in LIFE!

A strong force in the universe, she lives as a person in pain each moment of every day which generated her passion for advocating for human rights.  

  Despite the lingering ailments from a near death experience, she ventured countless attempts to navigate what resembled a 'normal' life,   Reaching her breaking point, everything took a turn for the worse- all seemed to be falling apart.

In '18, she was invited to attend a lobbying event in Washington, D.C where her fire for policy change was lit.

  It was there she was confronted by so many others who were fighting battles of their own and then a commitment to begin cultivating a source of Support in an effort to reach people who might not have much fellowship elsewhere, was made-- leading her to take on the role of an Advocate + Patient Leader & ~*Keepin' Our Heads Up*~ was born. 

  Throughout this incredible journey, the only consistency in the pursuit of proper pain management  were the ups/downs.

  Most approaches proved unsuccessful & none were without less than ideal side effects so she became fed up!  

The seed had been planted:  The idea that everything she needed in order to begin healing herself, could already be located within her own body. 

  She chose to make amends with her Whole-Self, including & especially the pain, thus begun a transition into Holistic Health.  

Reflecting upon the healing of energy, food being medicine, balancing chakras, grounding + importance of breath were foreign yet her life was forever changed. 

 It is her belief that:

  "Striving toward our most authentic self is a process that will continue onward until we leave this Earth,  Everyone is capable of experiencing this sense of enlightenment although it does require a lot of self-compassion & hard work but WE ARE WORTH IT!"

It is her Mission to guide others on their journey to their Whole-Being.  She bravely continues using her voice as a weapon to shatter stigma, raise awareness + spread hope.

She has grown to learn that self-care is not only necessary but also what she deserves.  

Her message is that:

"We must be our own best everything.   There is a way to co-exist with what we're carrying & we do not have to do it alone."  




Certified Wellness Coach


Holistic Health Practitioner