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One moment at a time ~

Here’s a deep question to ask oneself, who am I in the very center of my existence?  

What exactly, makes me – me or you --- you??  

An answer deserving of such thought, careful consideration and depth obviously cannot come about overnight… 

I will admit there have been times when every aspect of my health and well-being were not being prioritized ~ I will always be imperfect..


However; living with chronic pain conditions has led me to the path of holistic approaches in every aspect regarding mind, body and soul ~ as we are all of those things and every part of a person deserves acknowledgment, understanding, and space to exist.

Peace&Love®+© was conceived when the disconnect throughout our world became undeniable. It’s clear that so many of us long for an opportunity to be seen, heard, loved and valued but we’re often living in a state of auto pilot, simply existing rather than living.

My pursuit of wellness came about out of necessity – fed up with traditional dead ends, it occurred to me that healing is a very personal experience rather than a ‘one size fits all’...

Venturing this uncharted territory, I had begun witnessing real changes replacing the inner turmoil and it didn’t take long before I could see those around me being affected positively as well..

This lit a fire inside of my heart, to share this with the World ultimately leading to the birth of Keepin’ Our Heads Up®+©; an online, phone conference line + in-person network of support for those enduring physical ailments + those who are otherwise lost and hurting. 

 Furthermore, it dawned on me, that chronic pain doesn’t solely include the concept of physicality, as we’ve all experienced our own form of suffering~

The K.O.H.U© tree now gratefully facilitates in person meetings & teleconferences -- please visit to learn more.

It was my story, that it's easiest or most comfortable to remain in the same patterns though I am not gonna lie to Y’all, the process of transformation is difficult, uncomfortable and exhausting although there’s no more of a worthwhile investment, than that within ourselves considering that’s who we’ll be spending the rest of our lives with...

It is now and will remain a life-long pursuit. Perfection does not rightfully exist, thereby any step we consciously take forward is constituted as progress, regardless of how big or small.. It is our belief at Peace&Love®+©, that every part of us and each function of the universe is interconnected ~ as whole beings, it is imperative we approach ourselves as such to cultivate balance and live authentically..

I’m starting from scratch myself despite the fact I possess no recipe for success

 That’s the beauty of our *Keepin’ It Real*© Program, we’re students of life right alongside you!

We need not have it all figured out right now; the most important thing is to come to terms with exactly where we’re at, pursuing acceptance and peace, turning our pain into the very power that fuels and drives us and then smash our goals, by taking things a single breath and one moment at a time...

Each day we rise, is another opportunity to inch closer toward the person deep down that we are meant to and will be with effort, consistency, patience, commitment and dedication..

 You can evolve to reach a new level of personal greatness – you are worth it, and we are in all of this together.

We’re extraordinarily grateful you’ve found your way here to Peace&Love! We are a stronger movement when we choose to join forces with one another and here, it’s nothin’ but good vibes only.

We are passionate about our cause and believe that one day, our message of Hope will make its way across the planet which is our inspiration, leaving this place the slightest bit better than how we found it!



~ M.M


Mimi Mays


Boss Lady

Get it, girl!

M.M is a strong force in the universe.  Living as a Chronic Pain Warrior, she's passionate about advocacy efforts pertaining to patient as well as human rights.  Surviving a near death experience at a young age, she learned quickly that we are not invincible and was determined to make this second chance count.  

  Despite the ailments, Mimi ventured throughout attempts to navigate what resembled a 'normal' life, meanwhile the inner turmoil escalated from whispers to screams.  It was devastating when everything took a turn for the worse, demanding a halt in her teaching/nursing careers + med school pursuit.  Though all seemed to be falling apart, Mimi has a habit of focusing on set backs more as opportunities. 

 It became apparent that there are many others fighting battles of their own and Mimi was committed to begin cultivating a source of support in an effort to reach people who might not have much fellowship elsewhere, leading her to take on the role of a Support Group Leader and ~*Keepin' Our Heads Up*©~ was born.

  In 2018 [+again in'19], she was invited to attend a lobbying event in Washington, D.C where her fire for policy change was initially lit.  Since then, she has become actively involved with building other resources throughout Peace&Love Enterprises such as; a Podcast Radio Station, Design/Event Planning Studio, Caregiver/Nanny Agency + Media Company.    

  Throughout this incredible journey, there were lots of ups/downs in the pursuit of proper pain management  or a treatment plan.  Most approaches proved unsuccessful and none without less than ideal side effects so after about 20 years of this, she became fed up!  This planted the seed of an idea that everything she needed in order to begin healing herself, could already be located within her own body. 

  It was then she chose to make amends with her whole self including the pain, thus begun her transition into Holistic Health.  The concepts of healing energy, food being medicine, balancing chakras, grounding and importance of breath were somewhat foreign yet aligned with what she was ready to receive and her life was forever changed.  It is her belief that "striving toward our most authentic self is a process that will continue onward until we leave this Earth, it's not about perfection so much as it is about progress - there is a tiny step we can take each day to inch us closer to our wellness goals.  Everyone is capable of experiencing this sense of enlightenment although it does require some deep digging, a lot of self-compassion and hard work but we're worth it!"

  Part of Mimi's mission is to share this gift with the world, which inspired her next steps to become a dedicated Wellness Coach.  It's her goal to guide others on their journey to their Whole-Being.  She bravely continues using her voice as a weapon to shatter stigma, raise awareness and spread hope - along with her social media posts /blog, she's also currently in the process of publishing her first book. 

    After spending so much time attempting to work for her illness, she has now decided to turn the tables, making self-care her #1 priority and full-time job, because she's grown to learn, it's not only necessary but also what she deserves.  Her message is that "we are all our own best advocate and doctor, there may not be a cure for the things we endure but there is a way to co-exist with the weight we carry and we do not have to do it all alone."