~If you feel disappointed, lost, hesitant, or weak ~

Return to yourself, to who you are, here and now.

& when you get there, you'll discover,

 That even in a muddy pond,

 You are still beautiful & strong.   

You will rise + make it through, 

Like A Lotus.


? ¿ Frequently Asked Questions ? ¿

~What's Whole-Being Wellness~ ~Why Try It~ ~Where To Begin~

Whole-Being Wellness = Different for Every Body:

A conscious pursuit of balance.  Remaining mindful & appreciative -- not all is or ever will be perfect but it can be well within us, furthermore how we carry that back into the world- creates the very changes we so wish to see.  

The Benefits of A Holistic Approach = Limitless:

When we begin ridding ourselves of the weight we're carrying, we can then begin to heal.  Evolution from the choice to remain 'stuck in the muck', begins with self-awareness .  

Now = A Perfect Time to Start:

Send us an inquiry ~ we'll connect with you to set up a complimentary consultation. 

We're not sales people though we do believe there is no such thing as too much Wellness.


Keepin' Our Heads Up ( K . O . H .U )

Keepin' Our *Heads* Up operates as a not-for-profit; private brand representative of We The People, inclusive of all ages, backgrounds, abilities + which is affiliated with Peace&Love Wellness.   As of now, K.O.H.U facilitates in-person gatherings as well as telephone conference calls. 

If you know of someone(s) that may be interested, &/or want to get involved, 

Join The Movement!




The Fine Print

We are committed to providing accessible resources regardless of financial circumstance which is why we offer our Support Network now, forever + always ~ free of charge, because we believe the ability to connect among others enduring similar experiences, is indeed priceless.  

Peace&Love is a Wellness Practice, intended for those ready to transform to the next phase of personal awareness - hourly individualized coaching is available by appointment.  We do not accept insurance as we are not licensed to provide official medical advice.



"Talkin' About (the stuff that) Unites Us"