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Keepin' Our Heads Up

The K.O.H.U Way®


At Keepin’ Our Heads Up ©, 

 Our Support/Advocacy Network is open to + for everyone!  

 We’re rooted in our dedication to service...

Every human being *hurts* somehow & we all want/need fellowship where we feel accepted, acknowledged + appreciated..

 We believe in respectful zones, free from judgement...

This is a safe place to come lay your burden(s) down & be among friends that can relate to the struggle..


We're passionate about our cause and believe that one day, our message of Hope will make its way across the planet which is our inspiration, leaving this place the slightest bit better than how we found it.  

If you're hoping to find a place where we wallow in self-pity, this ain't it -- our belief, is that there are two fires we personally choose, whether or not we fuel...

 The pain/trauma itself; in all it's mischievous forms, what has or is going wrong, the less than helpful mind frame where we may feel isolated, stuck or at times maybe downright hopeless.. 


An attitude of acceptance; and gratitude, not that we  necessarily LIKE what's happening but we do not allow ourselves to fall 'victim' to the muck, of which is a part of life, for each + every one of us in our own ways.. 

 This does not mean, that it isn't okay to have break downs & be at the point of being fed up.

 By no means do we intend to project that we are perfect here or have it all figured out!  

We all go through things that test/change us -- no one knows, how or why things happen the way they do but there's beauty in releasing the illusion of control - choosing to invest into the quality of our own lives is arguably the best thing we can do, for the sake of ourselves as well as the World...  

 There's an unconditional supply of understanding, compassion + empathy among those accessible through these resources, free of charge...  

We are all currently at a different point on our individual journey, so if our *Victor* mentality doesn't currently align with your path, know that there's no expiration date on your cordial open invitation to join us..  

A Movement cannot mobilize itself.  

The Rules




Don't Be A Jerk

We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment.  We are grown so please be respectful to one another. Healthy debates are encouraged but kindness is required.  Differences of opinion should be expressed tactfully.  Treat each other how we ourselves want to be treated.

We Just Say NO To Hate, Toxic Negativity, Bullying &/or Harassment

Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying or harassment of any kind isn't allowed; sexual advances, degrading comments about race, religion, culture, orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated. We are not able to fix/change circumstances, only be guides through them.

Be A Contributing Member Of Our Society

Give.  There are no commitments or obligations, no need for you to do anything that's uncomfortable but not much can be gained by continued silence or lack of participation, that fact may be in part what led us all here.

Privacy Is Everything

Being part of this Kommunity requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive & private. What's shared here should remain as such.  


* Disregard or failure to comply to these guidelines in any way could result in dismissal without hesitation or further warning.  By visiting this page & participating, you're acknowledging your agreement to these terms.

Thanks for being part of Our Movement!

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Kohu is NOT a place to:

Excessively Complain, Gossip, Fixate On The Past, Compare, Minimize, Ridicule -or- Judge Others...

We're not here to fix anything-- having been through our fair share, we understand there's much throughout this human experience that couldn't possibly be explained let alone cured or resolved but that hasn't stopped us nor should it keep you, from fully Taking Ownership of our quality of Life.

We believe in the power of & empowerment in, being here to encourage one another because there's no guidebook as to how all of this works- no one has anything entirely figured out thus we share that in common so we should bond over it as opposed to stunt the growth / improvement of ourselves + each other.

KOHU prides itself for maintaining a { different } standard- we show up for those who show up, we believe in matching effort / interest & require a certain amount of correspondence + participation from those considering themselves to be a part of this Network.


  We couldn't & wouldn't be doing what we are, if it weren't for our deep compassion + respect, for those who feel they're in want / need of what we're all about-- that being said, we also do not always have the time to dissect each individual need thus group related sessions are to be just that, focusing primarily on a relevant designated topic while adhering to the personal as well as collective commitment to an on-going pursuit to overall healing.  

*One-on-One sessions can be scheduled through our affiliated Holistic Health Practice:

Become A Part Of The Movement

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What Our Community Is Saying...

"I belong to several groups and most of the time, even though members think they’re supporting each other, doom, gloom, and complaints are often the norm. I get it, I suffer too, but an attitude of defeat and anger, leaves no chance to feel better or even learn to cope."   

"Mia is relentless in her uplifting approach to pain management and search for a better life not just for herself, but all of us. Her encouraging messages and work to be the voice for those who otherwise might not be heard, is uplifting."


"No one understands what we go through better than she. Yes, we all have our very hard days, but Mia never stays down and always finds something to be grateful for. Her vitality is infectious and gives us all hope." 

"I really enjoyed the meeting. I’m so glad I finally made it. I will definitely always make an effort to come whenever I don’t have something else scheduled. Thanks so much, for your continued efforts!" 

"Thank you for writing and sending the newsletter! Lots of great stuff in here! I am especially grateful to be reminded of our healing Earth- just to be present, relaxed, receptive and hopefully able to shift out of attention to pain. I have marked my calendar for the “meet ups” and look forward to hearing more. Thanks again for your service."

"The Founder of K.O.H.U does so much for the chronic pain community.  Living with multiple chronic pain diseases, she channels that pain into dedicating her life unselfishly to help all our community with pain."

K.O.H.U© is a not-for-profit but that doesn't make anything free --  Countless hours of selfless hard work has been invested to cultivate the fruits of all these branches - consider supporting YOUR support!  All contributions are invested directly back into our Community, enabling us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will help to fund our mission.  Thanks for being a part of The Movement!!

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