Frequently Asked Questions

What is Whole-Being Wellness?

A mind, body, spirit approach to our overall health ~ there's reason to believe that every function is interconnected to all others.  Thereby defining this Holistic Health approach as a conscious pursuit of balance, thereby optimizing the greatest quality of life.  It's a matter of remaining rooted in mindfulness, appreciation, gratitude & positivity -- not that all is perfect but it's well wtihin us then we carry that back into the world, creating the very changes we so wish to see.  

Could I benefit from Life Coaching?

When we cultivate a safe space to begin ridding ourselves of the weight we're carrying or have been all our lives, we can then begin to heal.  It is our belief that any/everyone can gain from having a judgment free outlet to air their truths -- having evolved from being 'stuck' ourselves, we can understand as well as relate, which makes us guides with self-discovery expertise.  The first step, is the key of self-awareness so Congratulations!! You have made it here & we're grateful our paths aligned.   

How do I get started?

You're invited to actively take the next step by sending us an inquiry ~ we'll collect some general information then reconnect with a complimentary initial consultation.  Why not take advantage of an opportunity to experience how you can benefit from Whole-Being Life Coaching?  There are no contracts or long-term commitments - we operate our business much like we do our lives, one hour at a time!  We're committed to walk alongside you for however long our services are beneficial, we're not sales people though we are biased in believing there's no such thing as too much Wellness.

Is this expensive?

We're committed to remaining accessible regardless of financial circumstance which is why we offer our Advocacy Network now, forever + always ~ free of charge, because we believe the ability to connect among others enduring similar experiences, is indeed priceless!  Peace&Love is intended for those that feel their current path in life is unfulfilling & are ready to transform to the next phase of personal enlightenment - our role is to provide backing by working together to effectively problem solve. We do not accept insurance as we are not licensed to provide official medical advice but charge a flat hourly rate for our sessions which is accepted via PayPal.  

**Please note your appointment will not be confirmed until completion of the transaction has been successful.**   

Tell me more about The Advocacy Network?

Firstly, please note that Keepin' Our *Heads* Up is a not-for-profit; private brand representative of Warriors consisting of all ages, backgrounds and abilities which is separate from Peace&Love Wellness.   As of now, K.O.H.U facilitates 30 branches of support as well as 30 branches for supporters ~  If you know of someone(s) that may be interested, &/or want to get involved, join us!  We're growing!!






We are here for you & welcome your ideas, questions, opinions & feedback.  Connect with us on social media ~ *like*, follow + share &/or send us a note to: 





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