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Pain Connection Live Call

9 - 10am CT

Wherever Is Clever

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Pain Connection Live Call

Join us for our U.S Pain Foundation affiliated chronic pain support group from the comfort of wherever you happen to be! Free & open to everyone.

* Please note: Registration is required for these calls *

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Call: (319) 527-3510
Code: 171649#

This service is free + specifically designated for those living with the impact of chronic pain/illness - friends/loved ones are also welcome to attend the call.
This is NOT a source of licensed medical advice, nor a suitable replacement for your regular health care team.
Spread the word to anyone who may benefit from this valuable resource, check out what else Keepin' Our Heads Up has to offer & feel free to contact us with further inquires.

9 - 10am CT

Wherever Is Clever

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What Our Community Is Saying...

"I really enjoyed the meeting. I’m so glad I finally made it. I will definitely always make an effort to come whenever I don’t have something else scheduled. Thanks so much, for your continued efforts!" --G.R

"Thank you for writing and sending the newsletter! Lots of great stuff in here! I am especially grateful to be reminded of our healing Earth- just to be present, relaxed, receptive and hopefully able to shift out of attention to pain. I have marked my calendar for the “meet ups” and look forward to hearing more. Thanks again for your service."

-- W.S

"I'd just like to boast about my friend Mia who represented Wisconsin at Headache on The Hill in 2018:

US Pain Foundation has just named her Pain Warrior of the Month in their August Newsletter!

So proud of you girl! Keep up the good work!" -- M.L

"This nomination is indeed an honor, but whether or not Mia is actually named, ‘U.S. Pain Warrior of the Year,’ won’t change the fact she already is one every day, every year. 

Not just for a year, but for the past twenty, this woman, who was a child when first afflicted with debilitating pain, has astounded everyone she knows and meets with brilliance, light and fortitude. Her spirit and energy are beyond inspirational and her positivity in the face of constant adversity is the definition of courage.

I belong to several chronic pain groups and most of the time, even though members think they’re supporting each other, doom, gloom, and complaints are often the norm. I get it, I suffer too, but an attitude of defeat and anger, leaves no chance to feel better or even learn to cope.

Mia is relentless in her uplifting approach to pain management and search for a better life not just for herself, but all of us. Her encouraging messages and work to be the voice for those who otherwise might not be heard, is uplifting.

No one understands what we go through better than she. Yes, we all have our very hard days, but Mia never stays down and always finds something to be grateful for. Her vitality is infectious and gives us all hope. 

Mia is a walking definition of, warrior,’ and has more than earned esteem and recognition for her incredible work. I wholly support this nomination. You won’t find a more compassionate advocate who, in spite of her own chronic pain, somehow finds amazing strength to gently and consistently motivate others. Congratulations !🎉🎈🍾"  --M.D

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