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Lifestyle Guidance

My own journey to find and pursue Holistic Health has provided insight into the many challenges one encounters. This enables me to possess a high level of empathy, respect, compassion and understanding.  We believe in venturing throughout transformation with you, as we'll forever consider ourselves Students of Life as well.    


Wellness Experience

Extensive experience allows me to be a guide. Our ability to impact the lives of others in a positive way, reflect time after time throughout worldly encounters,  thereby helping others improve their quality of life, resulting in a higher level of fulfillment and satisfaction.    


Active Coaching

Our  never-ending education, hands on training and real life experience in conventional as well as natural medicine, completes our wellness coaching arsenal – providing clients with the light they need in order to recognize the tools and methods they need to achieve their goals, can be found within.    




~* Real Testimonials *~

"For the past twenty, this woman, who was a child when first afflicted with debilitating pain, has astounded everyone she knows and meets with brilliance, light and fortitude. Her spirit and energy are beyond inspirational and her positivity in the face of constant adversity is the definition of courage." 

"I ended up crossing paths with a powerful voice in the chronic pain community.  This person has been fighting longer than I have and has connections with other experienced people that have proven themselves to be effective and produce results when it comes to treatment of symptoms.  When I witness or know this person is in pain or battling through a day, I see creativity, beauty and life.  When I find myself having a particularly horrendous and terrifying time, this same person, observing form the outside, is able to pick me up and propel me forward with enough momentum that the next day comes, then the next day and I am still here. " 

"You are our hero. Feel appreciated and loved 'cause you are. "

"You have inspired me with such positivity and renewed my spirit!!!  You are one in a million, a force to be reckoned with!!!" 

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