Turning Pain Into Power


Peace&Love Is A Philosophy!


We believe there is a Whole-Being connection to health / contentment and in the power of healing, though it is a different process for each of us -- it all begins in one's mind.  

You are cordially invited, to remain curious and dig deeper.

It would be an honor to offer our time, listening ear and guidance to you as we venture forward through Wellness Guidance Sessions, which are 

 approached by the hour and scheduled in advance.

These are available locally in-person at our office, over the telephone or online.

We do not accept insurance nor do we offer licensed medical advice- our practices revolve around concepts rooted in Holistic Health.      

Our Expertise


  The art of balance is a life long pursuit.  Our journey has allotted insight through the many challenges one encounters. With empathy, respect, compassion and understanding;  We believe in venturing throughout transformation with you, as we'll forever consider ourselves Students of Life as well.    


We serve as guides. Our ability to impact the lives of others in a positive way; is reflected throughout all encounters and the ultimate goal is to help others improve their overall quality of life,     


Our education in conventional as well as natural medicine; completes our Wellness Practice arsenal in a well rounded way– let's work together to develop methods for achieving your goals.  





"That dear woman is a beautiful soul. A lovely person who has devoted her entire life to unselfishly helping all through so many initiatives and tireless advocacy while racked with pain.  She is a role model to me. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for founding and managing KOHU + Peace&Love and may they continue to educate, grow and flourish."

~ S.T

"You are just amazing. I see your deep pain and you are so amazingly articulate and beautiful and loving to do what you do!"

~ L.J

"For the past twenty years, The Founder, who was a child when first afflicted with debilitating pain, has astounded everyone she knows and meets with brilliance, light and fortitude. Her spirit and energy are beyond inspirational and her positivity in the face of constant adversity is the definition of courage." 

~ M.D

"You have inspired me with such positivity and renewed my spirit!!!  You are one in a million, a force to be reckoned with!!!" 



Upcoming Event:


Yoga For Anxiety & Stress Relief

November 9 | 1:30 - 3:30


[ https://perennial-yoga.com/yoga-for-anxiety

w/ our beloved Jennifer Pulvermacher on behalf of Resilience Yoga Therapy



A while back, we collaborated on a Podcast Interview- to gain some insight prior to the upcoming session, take a listen:


We Are Grateful For...


Our office!  

Come by to check out the new digs:

811 E. Washington Ave 

Suite #500

(608) 383-6810

Save The Date!


Peace&Love's own very first Wellness Fair will be hosted this upcoming November.  Details to follow!  

We Are grateful for your inquiries!

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By Appointment


By Appointment




By Appointment


By Appointment





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granted adequate notice, Wednesdays/weekends may also present some availability.