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Peace&Love Is A Philosophy!


We believe there is a Whole-Being connection to health / happiness and in the power of healing, though it can be a different process for each of us -- it all begins in one's mind.  

You are cordially invited, to remain curious and dig deeper.

It would be an honor to offer our time, listening ear and guidance to you as we venture forward through Wellness Guidance Sessions, which are 

 approached by the hour and scheduled / paid for in advance.

These are available locally in-person, over the telephone or online.

We do not accept insurance nor do we offer licensed medical advice- our practices revolve around that of Holistic Health.      

Our Expertise


Pursing the art of Holistic Health has provided insight into the many challenges one encounters. This enables us to possess a high level of empathy, respect, compassion and understanding.  We believe in venturing throughout transformation with you, as we'll forever consider ourselves Students of Life as well.    


With this experience, we work as guides. Our ability to impact the lives of others in a positive way; reflect throughout worldly encounters,  thereby helping others improve their quality of life, resulting in a higher level of fulfillment and satisfaction.    


Our approach to never-ending education in conventional as well as natural medicine; combined with the on going pursuit of free-flow discipline, completes our Wellness Practice arsenal – providing clients with the tools they need, to develop methods for achieving their goals.  





"For the past twenty, this woman, who was a child when first afflicted with debilitating pain, has astounded everyone she knows and meets with brilliance, light and fortitude. Her spirit and energy are beyond inspirational and her positivity in the face of constant adversity is the definition of courage." 

"I ended up crossing paths with a powerful voice in the chronic pain community.  This person has been fighting longer than I have and has connections with other experienced people that have proven themselves to be effective and produce results when it comes to treatment of symptoms.  When I witness or know this person is in pain or battling through a day, I see creativity, beauty and life.  When I find myself having a particularly horrendous and terrifying time, this same person, observing form the outside, is able to pick me up and propel me forward with enough momentum that the next day comes, then the next day and I am still here. " 

"You are our hero. Feel appreciated and loved 'cause you are. "

"You have inspired me with such positivity and renewed my spirit!!!  You are one in a million, a force to be reckoned with!!!" 


Breaking Up w/ My Microwave


Other than just feeling like it was the right move as well as the fact it no longer spun around to heat food evenly, there's no specific health reason that inspired this lifestyle change nor do I have an abundance of research to build a case against using microwaves -- no doubt they are readily accessible + highly convenient - there are some things that are almost more ideal to heat up in this way than any other: such as bags of popcorn, quick baked potatoes or leftovers...  Thought not considered radioactive, there is reason to believe an extent of radiation gets transmitted through this appliance & could become more harmful over time, depending on the extent of usage..  Another point to ponder is the very real threat of plastics, which are often times used in conjunction with a microwave.

If it's not labeled as being "microwave safe", there's high probability that pliable plastic essentially melts- thereby leaching its way into your food...  It's debatable as to whether or not the quick/high temps have an effect on zapping out nutrients but considering the fact many of our ancestors did not own or encounter one of these, that's proof enough in my mind it is not necessary even in modern day..  Truth is, there's no possible way to know how some of the short cuts we take today may impact us in the long run & it can be easy to throw our hands up with a YOLO mentality, continuing to make choices that our body or mind may be questioning -- it is true we're only guaranteed this present moment but I've come around to the mind frame that's all the more reason to do everything within my power, to maintain wellness for the sake of highest life quality possible.  

This writing is presented in blog form, meant to serve as helpful guidance which includes promoting deeply rooted thoughts...  What's shared here comes in combination of research - experience - personal opinion..  We enjoy exploring different aspects of interesting trends or topics, although expression of these thoughts does not necessarily represent our organization's opinion or stance..  You are invited to take what resonates, simply leave the rest.

Peace, Love & Thanks for reading

A Few Tips To Improve Water Intake:


- Keep a bottle of water in each room of your home &/or a case of it in your office then when you see or think of it, take a swig!

- Always bring some with you for car rides & take sips at safe times such as at red lights, with a mindful goal of finishing the bottle prior to arriving at your next destination.  Don't forget to fill it back up before you depart again!

- Fight the urge to order a drink while dining out- water is always free with unlimited refills + it won't create the illusion of feeling full like many other beverages do.   

- Remember: when/if you are feeling thirsty, that is evidence of pre-existing dehydration which that being the case-- you are not alone, around 80% of American's are estimated to be "chronically dehydrated", meaning lacking proper water intake just about all the time.  

* Dehydration can present itself in various symptoms to look out for such as:

  • Increased thirst.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Tired or sleepy.
  • Decreased urine output.
  • Urine is low volume and more yellowish than normal.
  • Headache.
  • Dry skin.
  • Dizziness.

- Any time you pick up your phone or find yourself mindlessly scrolling on social media, use those every day common occurrences as an 'excuse' to take a pause for more sips...  Many complain about the taste of water, insisting it is too plain but we can take ownership of that by simply adding a flavor packet or even better some fresh fruit..  It can be a difficult transition to make at first but there's no argument that ingesting the proper amount of water for our body weight will assist in our overall health as well as leave us feeling naturally energized- it is a very real truth that not everywhere in the world even has access to clean, drinkable water let alone it being available indoors with temperature control-- water is a life force in itself as nothing is able to continue living without it.  Take care of yourself, get plenty of water + sun -- as we are all basically house plants with more complex emotions!    

Announcing ~ Peace&Love Book Club!


  A new book related to Wellness will be studied each month with notes shared in our blog/Facebook + Instagram pages...  Anyone is more than welcome to join in on the fun as well as recommend titles..  If interested in following along at home, most local libraries very well may already have many of the books we'll be using or are also able to order them for free.

We are kickin' things off with:

 ' Mindfulness with Breathing ', A Manual for Serious Beginners by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu 

We've already begun to learn:

- The Dhamma of Life is considered to have four aspects ~

1. Nature itself;

2. The law of nature,

3. The duties that must be performed according to that of law + nature,

4. The fruits or benefits that arise from the performance of that duty.  

- It is our duty to develop life.

- The four objects to contemplate every time we breathe in/out:

1. Flesh body + breath body (becoming one)
2. Our masters, the feelings 
3. The subtle mind
4. Realizing the supreme or connecting to a higher power, however that looks to you.  

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